viernes, 22 de junio de 2012

It takes a lifetime learning to live....Hace falta toda una vida para aprender a vivir....

Life as we know can change,
Life can change in a second,
Life how humans know is hard,
Harder than anything else we will have to face

We can make our lives into whatever we want,
We can make it good or bad,
We have control of the path,
We may think life can not get worse,
But… it can always get worse

Let’s chose the path we will take wisely,
And if we chose the wrong path,
We can always change it with hard work,
We can change ourselves,
Hard work is the key to use

Life can be good or bad,
Life wll change as we grow older,
We will have to go through a lot of stuff,
Life can end in a second…..So,  let’s enjoy what we have now

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